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Privacy Policy

This document describes the privacy policy for Teachers.io. By using the Teachers.io website, applications or services you are agreeing to this policy, which is considered part of the Teachers.io terms of use.

Secure Transport

When you sign into the Teachers.io website or use Teachers.io application(s), we use HTTPS to ensure your information is encrypted as it travels over the internet. If you're using a modern web browser, look for the green bar!

Public Information

Much of the information you provide to Teachers.io is shared publically. This includes your name, photo/avatar, school information, about information, education history, awards, publications, class information, blog, announcements and all of the other sections of your public profile. Your profile may be listed on the Teachers.io school page for the school(s) you teach at, the Teachers.io homepage as a featured teacher, Teachers.io searches, may be made available to other Instin applications or 3rd parties via API's and may be indexed by search engines such as Google. Your Teachers.io profile will be easily discoverable, so keep that in mind before posting information.

Since your profile is public, it's important that you only share information you want other teachers, students, parents, potential employers and anyone else with internet access to see. You take responsibility for any information you share on Teachers.io and any consequences that come from sharing.

Private Information

Teachers.io does collect some private information. Private information isn't shared unless we're required to do so by law. Some of the private information is available to Instin, LLC support staff for the sole purpose of operating Teachers.io related applications and services.

Email Address

During the invitation and sign-up process for a Teachers.io account we ask for your email address. The email associated with your Teachers.io account is used for:

It is important to use a secure email account that only you have access to, because someone that gains control of your email could also gain control of your Teachers.io account.

You can change the email associated with your account at any time via your settings page. If you change your email, we'll require you to confirm you have access to the new email address by sending an email to both your old and new email before making the change.

The email on your account is private, meaning we do not list it on your profile, share it with other users or any 3rd party. We hate spam as much as you probably do, so no need to worry about giving us your email address. You can choose to let other teachers, students, parents and other Teachers.io visitors know your email address at each school you teach at on your profile. That field is optional, so simply leave your school email empty if you don't want to share it.


You get to choose a password to secure your Teachers.io account when you sign-up. Your Teachers.io password can be changed at any time by visiting your settings page.

When choosing your password, keep the following in mind:

After you choose your password we store it encrypted in our databases and backups. We will never email it to you, never ask you to tell us your password via support channels and we discourage you from using any service that does something like that.

Saved Drafts

In some portions of Teachers.io we allow you to save drafts before publishing, such as your Teachers.io blog. Saved drafts are private. They are not listed on your profile and other users cannot see them unless you publish.


Teachers.io attempts to capture each teacher's geographic location (latitude and longitude). Teachers.io either uses the geolocation of the school the teacher teaches at or a geolocation the teacher agrees to provide.

The geolocation is used to filter and sort content appropriately based on the teacher's location. For example, when a student searches for John Smith, there can be many teachers with that name. Having a geolocation allows the list of teachers to come back with those closest to the student sorted first, making it easier for the student to join their class. Teachers.io does not show the teacher's actual geolocation anywhere on their public profile nor in the myHomework apps.

IP Address

In certain portions of Teachers.io we may capture and store the ip address the HTTP request came from. We do this to help detect abuse of the system. We do not share this information on your profile.


Teachers.io stores cookies in your web browser to track your authentication status. You must enable cookies in your browser to be able to log into Teachers.io. If you're using a shared device to access your Teachers.io account, make sure to log out of Teachers.io before leaving the device unattended.

Website Analytics

Like many other applications, Teachers.io uses Google Analytics to provide information about its visitors. Most pages on the site include a small script that sends tracking information to Google, which is displayed in a dashboard for us to analyze. We use the data to understand things like what type of web browsers or mobile devices our users are using, how often users visit the site, which pages users spend the most time on and what application flows might need to be improved. If you want to learn more, you can read the Google Analytics Privacy Overview, which includes information about how to opt-out of Google Analytics if you want to.

Although we have no current plans to, we reserve the right to use a different website analytics solution at some point. Should that day come, we will update this policy with information about the change.


The current version of the Teachers.io privacy policy can be found at https://teachers.io/privacy. We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. If we deem the revision is significant, we'll post an update to our Facebook page and Twitter accounts and include a summary of the changes on this page. For any minor clarifications or typo fixes, we'll just make them without notification.

If you continue to use Teachers.io after a privacy policy change, then you are agreeing to abide by the updated policy.

Last changed on September 27, 2013