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Top Questions

How can schools use Teachers.io and myHomework?

Schools with any type of device policy can replace or supplement the paper student planner with myHomework.

Schools are having success deploying myHomework in primarily two ways:

  1. Tell the parents and students about the myHomework app. They can sign up for free with ads or pay the small fee to have the advertising removed. At schools with 1:1 device programs, the device orientation meeting is a great time to get the myHomework account setup!
  2. A package for schools is available which provides the best experience to students. More information is available at myhomeworkapp.com/schools

Can students under 13 use myHomework?

Yes, with a parent or guardian's help and approval.

An email address is required to create an account in order to support password recovery.

More information is available in the myHomework terms of use.

Can I remove my account?

Yes, from your settings when logged in you can delete your account.

Your account will automatically be hidden from student searches after a year of inactivity. Logging into your account will restore your visibility.

After a year of the account being hidden, it will be removed.

Can the ads be removed?

We offer 3 ways to use the Teachers.io and myHomework apps:

  1. For free! This option includes advertisements and makes the primary services available to everyone.
  2. Teachers and parents/students can pay a small yearly fee to remove ads from the respective apps via an in-app purchase.
  3. A package is available for schools to provide the best experience to students and teachers. More information is available at myhomeworkapp.com/schools.

If your school or organization is interested in providing Teachers.io and myHomework for your teachers and students, visit myhomeworkapp.com/schools for more information.

Students are having problems syncing in myHomework. What should they do?

Make sure they have a good internet connection.

Have them enable background sync (it's on by default, but they might forget they turned it off) or have them tap on the manual Sync button in the app.

For most other sync problems, have them try logging out and logging back in one time.

If that does not work, uninstall the app, download the app again and try logging in.

If the problems continue, contact us from within the app.